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What's In A Name?

One of my big "a-ha" moments

This happened when I realized that if I wanted to maintain the level of leanness where I felt the best, I would always have to pay attention to it.  I am not naturally thin and I tend to gain weight easily- that’s just part of my genetics!  But I can absolutely achieve and maintain my goal weight by ensuring that my habits are consistent over time (not perfect) and not giving up on the principles I know to work.  Thinking about a lifetime effort is daunting and I wanted a word to describe my process that was positive and inspiring.  A beautiful word for this is Evergreen- it brings about visions of luscious trees and flowers and things that will stand the test of time in nature.  Each day we can renew our efforts and take another step toward perpetual nutritional freedom.

Who can benefit from 1-on-1 nutrition coaching?

I never imagined I would hire a nutrition coach for myself.  I mean, I am a lifelong athlete and a doctor!  I know what to eat!  I know what’s healthy!  I work out all the time… and I didn’t understand why I could still be overweight when I ate “clean” most of the time and exercised more than most people I knew.  It was so frustrating to keep getting on and off the diet roller coaster.  I would restrict, limit, use all my willpower for a time until I just couldn’t stand it anymore and then succumb to a period of overeating and experiencing overwhelming guilt about it.  I would feel shame that I couldn’t stick to it which would lead me to give up all together… and then repeat the process again and again.

If this sounds even remotely familiar, nutrition coaching can change your life.  Having a custom-made nutrition plan that can be dialed in week-to-week gives you an edge the average dieter doesn’t have.  You get a built-in accountability partner to walk with you every step of the way not only in weight loss but it maintaining that loss forever.

How does the process work?

If you are interested in hearing more, book a zoom call with me, coach Jen.  This will be to get to know one another a bit and talk about your goals and I can let you know how I think I can help you.  You’ll get all your questions answered. I use an app called Seismic for all coach-client communication, and this is also where you will do your weekly client check-ins.  If you decide to work with me, you can download the app to get started.  You’ll fill out a client-intake questionnaire, sign a waiver, and then we will schedule our first check-in!  You’ll be one step closer to mastering your metabolism and breaking free of the diet culture chains.

My goal for you

My goal is to teach and support you in your nutrition journey such that you achieve your fat-loss/body composition and performance goals and do it sustainably so you can maintain it forever.  You can do this without starving yourself, and without giving up things like cake or alcohol.  You’ll become a master of your metabolism and eventually be so successful and confident in your abilities that you have to fire me as your coach!

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